Website Seo

Website SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables your website to achieve a good position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and the local business listings.

John Ernsthausen is the online marketer at Smarty Pixels. An online marketer develops effective SEO.

Developing SEO is an art and a science, a process that aligns the content you publish with the content your ideal customer seeks through an online search. An ideal customer is called a persona.

SEO relies on insight into website analytics to correctly respond to user behaviors and adjust content to achieve business objectives defined by the businesses content strategy. Your business content strategy is your online marketing strategy. It is a direct response to the ideal expected visitor, the visitor who will engage with your website. A content strategy is informed by the domain knowledge of the client.

The purpose of an online presence is online marketing. Online marketing relies on this foundation: Web content attracts the right visitors to a website and an engaging website keeps them interested. Align the content you publish with the content your customer seeks through an online search to naturally attract inbound traffic that responds to your call-to-action.

An SEO also enables insightful analytics through A/B testing research to identify user habits as the user engages with the web page. In this way, the SEO informs the content strategy.

SEO enables a copywriter to tune web content. It enables the web designer and web developer to confirm the user interface and user experience. The SEO must also respond to the ever changing SEO practices of search engines such as Google so that your online marketing campaign remains effective.

John Ernsthausen is prepared to design everything about the website to implement the content strategy — from the content on your website to the user interface to the web design to the branding — content is King!